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The Definitive Shapewear Guide- All your shapewear questions answered

by Genevieve's Wardrobe 29 Mar 2018 0 Comments



Universal Shapewear Questions

1. Is shapewear effective?
Short answer- yes. Shapewear is the quickest growing sector in the lingerie market for a reason. You can get shapewear to suit any problem area, any outfit to go under and for any skin tone. The purpose of shapewear is not to change your figure completely but to smooth and lightly shape certain areas. 

2. Is shapewear comfortable?
Shapewear comes in many different forms.  No matter which style you go for, try not to get sizes too small as they may cause discomfort and may start to roll. Most shapewear is seamless, adding to the comfort level. For maximum comfort you may opt for styles without press studs or clips.

3. Who needs shapewear?
This is not a question of who needs shapewear, rather, who can benefit from it. The answer - everyone!
Petite to plus size women can benefit from properly fitting styles that compliment the clothes they wear. From not wanting to have seams show through formal clothing, to reducing muffin tops, to lifting the buttocks, they can give a helping hand. 

4. Can shapewear be harmful?
Always make sure to wear your correct size to not cause squeezing or discomfort. Don't wear high control shapewear for prolonged periods of time to ensure safe wearing. Following these simple guidelines, enjoy your shapewear and your new enhanced figure! 


Choosing Shapewear- Problem areas:

1. Shapewear for stomach / lower tummy:
If you want to flatten the tummy, mid rise to high rise briefs are the best option for you. Appropriate styles like our Ab Shaper brief are made in a firm knit fabric that helps to smooth.

Ab shaper brief Ambra | Genevieve's Wardrobe


2.Shapewear for hips and muffin tops:
Wanting to smooth hips or eliminate the chance of muffin tops? your best option is high waisted briefs or a bodysuit. The higher waisted you can find, the stronger the effect will be. 

 It's A Cinch Brief Ambra- Genevieve's Wardrobe


3. Shapewear for thighs:
Any style with a shorts silhouette are a great choice for thigh shaping and they come in many lengths to suit any outfit. You can even wear shaping leggings or stockings for a full leg smoothing experience.Styles that cover the thighs also come with the benefit of preventing chafing. 

It's a Cinch shorts


4. Shapewear for the bum:
There are even shapewear styles that give a slight lift to the backside. Look out for styles that specify bum lifting like our Waist Killer Bum lifting shorts pictured below.


5. Shapewear for overall slimming
 For an overall toned look, or to have a seamless look under an outfit, you can opt for bodysuit or playsuit style shapewear. These styles are most recommended to wear under dresses for ease of access. Depending on your needs you can get strapless, plunging or even styles with shorts!


Choosing Shapewear- When to wear:

What shapewear should I wear under a wedding or formal dress?

There are limitless options of shapewear depending on the style of dress you will be wearing. White and nude are popular choices while lace shapewear styles give a luxe extra touch. You can even go one step further and find coloured shapewear to match whatever you are wearing. 

Avoid styles with boning or bulky seams especially with silky or form fitting dresses.

Seamless bodysuits are a great option as you can also find low neck, low back and even strapless styles.

What shapewear should I wear under jeans or daily outfits?

Light control shapewear briefs are a wonderful choice for daily underwear. They are not constricting, making them comfortable for all day wear and are typically seamless to be undetectable under clothing.

Shapewear Features:

Shapewear with boning:

Boning sewn into the waist adds an extra layer of support and also helps prevent the waist of the shapewear rolling down. The extra thickness added with these styles means you should steer away from wearing them with thin and very tight clothing as it may show through.

Shapewear with snap crotch/ hook and eye closures:

Snap crotch / hook and eye closures in bodysuits and brief styles are preferred by some for ease of access in and out of the shapewear. 

Armed with knowledge about all kinds of shapewear, explore our very own shapewear collection! If there a style you would like that we don't have, feel free to email us a request at 


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