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Bra Style and Fit Guide

There is a seemingly endless supply of bra styles, silhouettes and features. Let us help you break down each style and find the perfect one for you. Let's start with the anatomy of a bra:

Genevieve's Wardobe- bra anatomy



Balconette bras have a high centre front that separates the bust making them perfect for full busts and those who prefer a separated look. This style also typically has a low apex so there's less chance of cups peeking through a low cut top.


 Full coverage bras cover the most of any style adding comfort and security beyond measure. These styles have a high apex for support and are best suited for medium to full busts.

full coverage bra


The plunge bra is perfect for any outfit that requires an enhanced cleavage look without push-up. The super low centre front of the style helps push the bust together while providing the perfect silhouette for low cut clothing. 


Best suited to small-medium busts, the push up styles can add up to 2 cup sizes, depending on bra. Foam, gel and cream padding at the bottom of the cups add a boost for defined and enhanced cleavage.

Push up bra

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