Keep your lingerie looking better for longer with these quick simple tips!

• Hand washing is preferable
• If machine washing, hook bras closed to avoid catching on delicate lace
• Wash on delicate setting
• Place lingerie of similar colours together in a wash bag
• Do not iron or place in hot dryers, air drying ensures the longevity of • your undergarments.


• Avoid folding bras in half, instead, stack them flat with cups of the bras inside each other.  
• Separate underwear and keep them neat with drawer dividers

    Adhesive Products

    Increase the longevity of stick on bras with the following care tips:

    • Gently hand was with warm water and mild soap after each use
    • Do not use any alcohol based products
    • Leave to air dry only, do not pat dry with a towel
    • Replace the protective film over the adhesive while not in use